architecture : strategy and design

modular villas, nesselande, nl

programme modular villas site nesselande, rotterdam, holland surface 140 -180 m2 budget 250.000 - 600.000 € year 2001 phase competition design client rotterdam municipality team cab42

the design competition asked for a design for a private residence on a waterfront suburban site. at the time the dutch interest for private villas was increasing, but the budgets were not necessarily following. this proposal gives an intermediate solution : pre-designed 'catalog' villas. three villas are designed based on the same structure. the extendability of this root stucture and infrastructure requires a special organisation. in short variations are possible thanks to a rational primary design of foundation, structure and infrastructure. the villas are delivered with always the same basic logic. further variations concern the level of interior finishings, and the basic or luxury facades. the villas are positioned in the market as a contemporary answer of basic contractors villa-products; modern yet classic, and adaptable in budget and in time.

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