architecture : strategy and design

adaptable ammenities, dordrecht, nl

programme adaptable ammenities site , stadswerven, dordrecht, holland surface 12.000 - 17.000 m2 budget 8 - 17 M € year 2002 phase competition design client ballast nedam bouw bv, lugten malschaert architecten team cab42, lugten malschaert architecten

the world is changing, and ever faster. the problem with urbanism is that it's too slow. the problem with private housing investors is that they don't take care of the necesary ammenities, like transport and shops and markets and restaurants etc. once the appartments are realised there is the potential for investment in these services, but to pre-invest is considered a risk.

by making adaptable ammenities, the initial investment can be lower while the potential for future management is secured. the real estate quality of a site can be anchored from the very beginning, without risking empty buildings. this design models the micro-demography of a large scale urban reconversion, and offers adequate collective space to whatever audience is present to enjoy it. this audience changes in time : first the contractors and construction workers, then the real estate agents and their clients, and finally 5 years later, the intended inhabitants for which the area was rebuilt.

the urban reconversion of a former waterfront industrial area into a residential area is the context for the design of these public/private ammenities. the surrounding site is built with housing and big scale services. this design delivers the complementary small scale services such as boutiques, restaurants, galleries, but also offices, ateliers, day-care centres etc. the site has an enourmous quality being oriented full south towards the sun, the water and the old downtown.

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