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The Flows Daily Q / 16-27 July 1998

Each breakfast there was a special moment when the new Q was there; what’s a morning without the morning paper. Q intended to be a - fast production - easy to read - tabloid style release. Instead it turned out te be a valuable registration of the depths of the workshop project.

Q tells the stories of the people and the work being done in the studios. It communicates ideas and opinions within the group, and also outward to visiting people. Q gives an insight in the work and fun of some 50 people during ten days of architectural research. If anything it conveys the common spirit made up of all the participant’s energy. Read one and you’ll know what Q is.

The working conditions were quite extreme. The layout was conceived in 1,5 hours - the team was decided upon in 4 hours - stories were rarely delivered before 21:00 - 40° C and 90% humidity weather conditions, combined with technical problems that brought us into 05:00 in the morning. Thanks to the commitment of Bojan Pavcek (late lay-out hours), Blaz Kriznik (intelligent photography), Maja Zimmermann and all contributors we were able to deliver a new paper each morning. It was a pleasure and a priviledge to work with these people under such demanding and rewarding circumstances.

So here is the Q collection. A series of critical regional pamphlets with catchy headlines, flashy lay-outs and suggestive photography. A document with culture based reviews, poetic comments and deeply significant articles. A stage for everyone to talk loud and say something. A cocktail for a European affair; shaken not stirred.

Christiaan Weiler - chief editor