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object conflict collage subject tool for visualising conflicts in design communication date august 2000 words 875 pages 2 author christiaan weiler ref research by design conference, tu delft nl, august 2000, ref projects (realised) / twd conflict collage

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the conflict collage

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from the brochure :

TWD Strategic and Flexible Architecture Applications
Whether architecture is applied for research or for design, it’s ultimate goal is to prepare construction. But as the tasks become more abstract, so does the project context. The given information is increasingly preliminary and provisional, the design process is increasingly dynamic, and the desired result is more and more omnipotent.

New Design Phases
Within these conditions architecture must maintain it’s own course, and this requires new tools. New meaningful fundaments for design must be develloped in a time of ideological poverty. The improvement of contential communications can be a basis for this. At the earliest phase of the project, a common goal must be agreed upon. This goal must be abstract yet specific, in order to communicate.

TWD Engine
The TWD Engine is developed upon the idea that commisioner and architect are equally responsable for the result of a building. It collects their approaches and locates the conflicting subjects in their communication. Solving this conflict will be the common goal.

The TWD © Engine consists of 3 documents:
1. The TWD © Questionaire: a frame for discussing any architectural design.
2. The Conflict Collage ©: a collage/diagramm of the discussion, and the conflict in it.
3. The Lower Design ©: a key design which visualizes the essence of the chosen concept.
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(see also 7ply - cases - europan 5 namur, belgium, where the tool was tested)