architecture : theory and strategy

wdka semantics lectures

object lectures for arts academy subject semantics of language, image, shape, style date august 2001 words - pages 12 author christiaan weiler ref willem de kooning academy of arts, department of interior design

these lectures were developed as an introduction to the excercises that are described in 0003_finX123. one by one elements of composition are presented, first as objects in themselves, then as objects in relation.

language has words with which we compose phrases. small vehicles of simple meaning put together make a larger element with complex meaning - still rather simple, and then chapters, books, libraries, etc. and of course . . . poetry

images are more open to interpretation than words. they can be simple depictions or complex representations : a short history.

shapes can be found everywhere, in nature, in architecture, in design. their shapes may seem self evident, but there are motives to be found, rational reasons why an object is like it is.

beyond the rational reasons there is an important cultural aspect to the shape of things. things are not always what they seem.

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